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Georgina Wheeler, our Yiorgoulla, left us for the journey of eternity at the early hours of 20th November in Milton Keynes Hospital.


When her usual seat, on Panayia’s side, on the opposite of the Episcopal Throne, remained empty on a Sunday, we felt that something was not right. She would never miss a Church Service as the aura of the area surrounded by the H. Icons, the H. Candles, Oil Lamps and Incense was part of her being, the part that inspired and sustained her to gather strength and carry on with the demands of everyday life until next H, Liturgy.


Her deep faith guiding her, she believed in our vision when she joined our newly established Community in December 1989, became one of our first ardent members and supporters. The aims of the Community that  were to serve the needs, follow and pass down the traditions and rituals of our compatriots in our area, found accord with her, as their needs were her needs, their traditions, her traditions too.


In May 1990 our Church celebrated “our ” first Baptism, the Baptism of Stephania, Yiorgoulla’s first grandchild and she was the Godmother, the ceremony took place in St. Martin’s Church, the Anglocatholic Church in Fenny Stratford that gave us hospitality for twenty years.


Since day one, she joined in the efforts and without people noticing, without making a fuss she would silently and humbly  pass an envelope with whatever she could afford ” for to buy our Church”she would say. No need to add of the joy she had when we actually bought It!


Georgina, as her husband Thomas called her, was born in Karavas of Cyprus, the lovingly “spoiled” daughter of Paraskevas and Maritsa Spyrou, a sibling of another six children, Kypros, Sotiroulla, Costa, +Ellie, +Andreas  and +Navsika. In 1969 she married Thomas Wheeler and had four children, Nectaria, Marios, Paraskevoulla and Androulla.


The Turkish invasion in 1974 of her native country, saw the family following the fate of so many others ang came to England as refugees firstly in Berkshire and eventually to the newly developing part of Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes in 1976.


Thomas passed away in 1987 leaving Yiorgoulla, a widow with four young children to look after. Βut her belief in God was strong and having her faith as compass and holding the Cross close at the right place of her heart she never gave up, she soldiered on.


Her children found their way, established themselves as good citizens, created their own families surrounding her with love and affection. She faced sadness, she faced happiness, she gained respect, she lived a life, a full life.


She saw nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She kissed Nectaria’s (her firstborn, dedicated to St. Nectarios) Wedding Crowns, she witnessed the Baptisms not only of grandchildren but of great grandchildren too. What an achievement!


Regarding serving the Community, she offered more as she was the Secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary Group for a time, the meetings taking place mostly in her home and she participated at various Seminars in London. Our dearest friend Yiorgoulla was valued, respected and loved.


Now, as the time approaches to say goodbye, to put it simply:


We will miss her, Very Much So.


The Funeral will take place on Tuesday 6th December at 12 noon at our Church of Saints Ambrosios & Stylianos, Chapel of St. Mary of Vlachernae, London Road Stony Stratford MK11 1JA and the Service of Burial at Wolverton Cemetery at 13.45. The Makaria (wake) will follow in our Church Hall. All are welcome. Yiorgoulla’s wish was that instead of flowers, donations should be made for the needs of the Church.

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