MATINS & H. LITURGY 14/9/2022

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On Wednesday 14 Sept 2022 we will be having an extra Church Service to Celebrate the Feast of The Exaltation of The Holy Cross.

It is also an important commemoration of the first Church Service taking place, on 14th September 2008, after the building,  built in 1864 to honour Panayia, -St, Mary The Virgin-, ceased to be used as a place of Worship on a spring day in 1969.


So Forty years later, “PANAGIA returned to her home” we all thought!


It is a known fact (there are variations…) that St. Helena discovered the True H. Cross with the assistance of sweet basil. Since then on he day of The Feast in September, the housewives – ladies of the house (and the gentle men….) bring tender fragrant branches and leaves of basil, that they grow all summer for the purpose, on the Eve to Church for The Cross to be decorated.


We did the same fourteen years ago. Surrounded by the delightful fragrance Agiasmos and Doxology were celebrated.


To carry on with the tradition, please come and bring along your pots, small or large to be blessed.

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